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In the past decade, astronomers have identified more than one hundred planets orbiting stars other than the Sun and will soon have the tools to search for small, rocky, Earth-like planets. In the past five years, we have come to understand that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating owing to the presence of "dark energy" and we are on the cusp of technologies to explore this strange and elusive phenomenon. Astronomy is entering a golden age of discovery promising to stretch well into the 21st century.

Welcome to Scientific Development and Research Organisation (SDRO)!. We are pioneer in research and education with operation all around the nation interests Astrophysics, Optics, Condensed Matter (Solid State), Cosmology, Geophysics and Statistical Mechanics.

Our mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity by providing fun, interactive, educational and internship programs. Our programs states a clear understanding of science in our everyday life. We strongly believe that we have a pivotal role to play in shaping the destiny of our great nation. Through our research projects and education we provide a robust platform to every Indian to realize his/ her potential through our scientific programs.

People Say

    "I applaud your efforts to bring astronomy and science education to India." Deborah K. Scherrer, Stanford Solar Center-Stanford University

    "SDRO wipes the various myths in India that space science has reasoned via its discoveries"-The Times of India

    "We appreciate for involving and inspiring our students in reseach projects through young scientist club" - Mrs P.Dutta, Pricipal,KHMS,New Delhi

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