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Sunday Space Program

Learn the strangest and most fascinating objects in space


Say Hello to Blackhole.

Blackholes are incredibly dense, with a such strong gravitational attraction that not even light can escape their grasp.

Black holes, gravity, and other paradox.
Course Suitable for Kids of Age 7-14 Years

The Master Lesson Plan

👉 The essential properties of black holes.

👉 Formation of black holes.

👉 Types of Blackholes.

👉 What would happen if you fell into one?

👉 How are they related to stars?

👉 Life Cycle of Stars.

👉 Supernova and Hypernova.

👉 White Dwarf and Neutron Stars.

👉 Types of Visible and Invisible Light.

👉 End of Black Hole.


Space Coach

Sarvesh Bhardwaj is an Indian Planetary Scientist with Gold Medal in Planetary Science. 900+ educational institutions (Schools) have partnered with Sarvesh to develop Scientific Skills and Space Science Education among students and the community.

Sarvesh has studied the Planetary Exploration of the Moon and Mars at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, IIRS-Dehradun. Applied Intelligent Systems (AI and ML) at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Course Schedule and Fee

Start Date: October 30, 2022

Class Day: Sunday

Class Time: 11:30 Am -1:00 Pm (IST)

Course Duration: 12 Weeks 

Course Fee: Rs. 3500

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